Midvale-Friday, Saturday


SLC-Monday, Tuesday

Where to start… Well i was raised in salt lake i started sketching at a very young of 11 and when i first started it really interest me. so through the years growing up i kept at it and as i got better i wanted to take it to the next level and for me that was to put it on skin and it didnt take very long for me to figure out to transition to skin. Ive been tattooing for about 6 years now and its my passion. Im blessed to b able to make a living at what i love to do. Im a black and grey tattoo artist but i am recently getting into color. Im also blessed to b around such great artist who are willing to help me progress and eachother. i think thats really important to be around artist who are all good at what they do and are willing to push themselves to be better. That is what i strive to for.

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